Partnership With Alinotec GmbH & Co.KG


We pleased to announce the collaboration between Almoha and Alinotec in sales as a strategic partnership designed to enhance Alinotec’s market presence and expansion in the Middle East and North Africa. By leveraging Almoha’s experience in supporting companies in international growth and their specialized focus on these regions, they provide valuable assistance in navigating the distinctive opportunities and challenges within these markets.

Alinotec, a leading provider in Germany, specializes in mobile video and security solutions, prioritizing the delivery of customized security levels to clients. Operating as a trusted local partner in Frankfurt, Alinotec offers an extensive array of services encompassing intrusion protection, security technology and intelligent software solutions designed specifically for the construction industry. With their deep expertise and unwavering dedication, Alinotec empowers customers to place their trust in advanced offerings, ensuring optimal protection and efficiency in their security systems.

Through this partnership, Alinotec gains access to Almoha’s network of contacts and deep understanding of the local business landscape.

Almoha’s mission aligns perfectly with Alinotec’s goal of providing customized security solutions to its customers. By leveraging Almoha’s expertise and connections, Alinotec can customize its offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of the Middle Eastern and North African markets.

The partnership operates on the principle of “together beyond borders,” emphasizing the close collaboration between Almoha and Alinotec to overcome challenges and achieve mutual success. By pooling their resources, knowledge, and experiences, both companies can capitalize on the synergies created by their complementary strengths.

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